Sex Abuse is a big problem in mental health facilities

While most of the public attention has always been on clergy abuse, it is our belief that many horrendous crimes occur in mental health facilities. Most people who are in patient or out patient at mental health facilities are very vulnerable and it is very easy for a social worker or a psychologist who is supposed to be taking care of a patient to abuse that patient without ever being caught.

Most patients will never be believed by authorities or the¬†administrators of the mental health facility.¬†It is a sad but true reality that any patient with a diagnosis such as schizoprhenia or bi polal disorder is automatically suspect. People automatically think that the complaining victim is “crazy” and is just making up stories. We urge administrators of mental health facilities to investigate each case very carefully.


The Rogatinsky Firm, P.A. will uncover sexual abuse in a mental health facility in South Florida!

Attorney Samuel Rogatinsky has been retained by a new client who has been sexually abused by a social worker in a large mental health facility in South Florida. Mr. Rogatinsky is preparing the lawsuit with attorney Jeff Herman of Herman, Mermelstien and Horowitz and will be announcing the abuse within the next two weeks.

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